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Where Quality Dental Care Meets Affordability with the MPDSS

Are you looking for cost-effective dental care? Dental Admire Butler has the answer! We offer the Metropolitan Patients Dental Subsidy Scheme (MPDSS) as a payment option. Contact us to know more!

Get Affordable Dental Care with MPDSS!

The Metropolitan Patients Dental Subsidy Scheme (MPDSS) is a government-funded payment option for eligible individuals. This program covers some of the costs associated with necessary dental services. Admire Dental Butler is dedicated to upholding the values of accountability, integrity, and dependability to provide an even more satisfying experience for all our customers. Through this initiative, we are offering access to quality dental services.

The MPDSS is available for patients in the metropolitan area and who are on a public dental waiting list. At Admire Dental Butler, our team is available to help you benefit from the government’s Dental Health Services (DHS). Contact us to learn more about eligibility and conditions.

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Enjoy the Benefits of MPDSS as a Payment Option

As an eligible recipient of the MPDSS, you are entitled to many advantages.


Access to quality yet affordable dental care

If you are eligible for subsidised general dental care through the MPDSS, the DHS will provide you with a voucher to use at private dental clinics, including Admire Dental Butler.


Treatment subsidy of up to 75%

MPDSS can cover up to 75% of general dental treatment costs without co-payments. However, additional treatments needed that are not covered may require out-of-pocket payment.


Reduced out-of-pocket costs

If you have a concession card or pensioner status, you can obtain quality dental care at Admire Dental Butler without the hefty upfront costs through MPDSS.