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Emergency Dental Care for Lost Fillings or Crowns

Admire Dental Butler is here in case of lost fillings or crowns. We understand how painful it can be. Hence, our team provides emergency care to alleviate discomfort and protect the tooth again.

Don't Live With the Pain of Lost Fillings or Crowns Any Longer; We've Got You Covered!

Although uncommon, lost fillings or crowns can be excruciating due to the exposure of sensitive inner tooth structures. The vulnerable dental nerves and tissues can increase sensitivity, making biting and chewing uncomfortable. Without prompt treatment, lost tooth restorations can allow the recurrence of decay and damage. But worry not. Our emergency dental services can prevent such problems and help you regain a beautiful smile.

Admire Dental Butler offers convenient emergency appointments in cases of dental emergencies like lost fillings and crowns. Our dental clinic is equipped with modern dentistry tools that enable us to perform advanced dental treatments and help reduce tooth pain relatively faster.

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Take Control of Your Smile and Enjoy the Benefits of Managing Lost Fillings or Crowns

Let us help you take the necessary steps towards achieving your dream smile today by addressing your lost fillings or crowns.

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Relieve pain in the tooth

When dental fillings and crowns fail to protect the tooth, the inner layers can come into contact with varying temperatures and food debris.

Such occurrences can cause severe pain and sensitivity, significantly affecting your eating habits. It can also make it hard to concentrate on work. But receiving the appropriate treatment can ease the discomfort in the mouth.

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Strengthen the damaged tooth

Addressing lost fillings and crowns is essential to restoring the affected tooth’s strength and function.

Replacing lost fillings and crowns helps keep the tooth’s health in optimum condition by providing additional strength, functional support, and protection. This can make the patient enjoy better chewing and longer-lasting restored teeth.

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Prevent further damage to the teeth

Restoring lost fillings and crowns is a proactive measure for preventing further decay and aggravating the damage.

When a dental filling or crown is lost, the seal between the enamel and the restoration may weaken, allowing bacterial debris and food particles to penetrate inside. This can trigger the development of decay again, which could spread and lead to a dental pulp infection.

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Avoid more extensive dental work

Managing the lost fillings or crowns can prevent the need for more extensive dental work in the future.

Failing fillings and crowns can allow for further damage over time, which may warrant more complex dental treatment, such as tooth extraction, to protect oral health. Therefore, visiting the dentist on time may save you from a costly and invasive dental procedure.

Why Choose Admire Dental Butler

Admire Dental Butler has a team of passionate dentists who are committed to attaining the goal of promoting better oral health in the community.

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At Admire Dental Butler, we go the extra mile to give our patients reliable dental care and treatment. The dentists here have a wealth of knowledge and skill in replacing lost fillings and crowns.
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Our Payment Options

We offer flexible payment plans to make our services accessible.

Get the Care You Need With Our Multiple Payment Options

At Admire Dental, we’re here to help you stay healthy. We accept private health funds and provide HICAPS facilities for convenience. Our clinic is proud to be a preferred provider of HBF, HCF, NIB, and CBHS. Additionally, we make it easy for families, especially your child, to access our services. With the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) program, it’s easier than ever before to get the care your child needs.

Admire Dental also offers humm and Afterpay payment plans to help our valued patients manage their budgets. We recommend that you call our clinic to learn more about our payment options so we can help you find one that is suitable for your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions
About Lost Fillings or Crowns

Start your journey to a healthy smile by getting answers to your questions about lost fillings and crowns here.

If you delay replacing a lost filling, it can increase your risk for further dental issues. Cracks and cavities can form with the delay of proper dental treatment. It can leave the tooth even more vulnerable to serious oral complications, like an abscess. In addition, there is also the chance of damage to nearby teeth if you delay getting a lost filling replaced.

Without a crown, a tooth can survive a few weeks before a dentist is required to take a look. However, delaying a replacement is not recommended since the tooth will remain exposed. This makes it more sensitive to hot and cold temperatures, and any damage incurred during that time will worsen if left unaddressed for too long.

Neglecting to get a dental crown for a decayed or damaged tooth can increase the risk of the following dental problems:

  • The decay or cavity can get larger and worsen the damage to the tooth.
  • It can continue to destroy significant amounts of tooth structure.
  • The decay can penetrate inside the tooth and inflame the dental pulp.
  • Dying of the tooth may warrant an extraction.

Crowns are usually recommended in cases of severe decay and cavities. Your dentist will first clean out any decay present to prepare your tooth for the crown. In some cases, they may fill in the holes (cavities) with a high-grade filling before placing a crown that covers the entire tooth.

The average lifespan of dental fillings can range from 8 to 10 years, depending on several factors. For instance, the type of material used and oral hygiene play important roles in maintaining tooth fillings. Proper dental hygiene is necessary, along with regular dental visits, to achieve long-lasting results.

It may be possible that old tooth fillings can cause reactions like headaches, nausea, and fatigue due to exposure to leaked mercury. But a 2012 study discussed that, apart from allergic reactions,  there is no evidence that the mercury released from amalgams causes adverse effects on people’s health in general. Nevertheless, staying informed about your oral health may help prevent such problems.