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Secure Your Bite With Implant-Supported Dentures in Butler

Keep your bite securely in place and smile with confidence, knowing that your teeth replacement won’t let you down. At Admire Dental Butler, we provide implant-supported dentures in Butler tailored to meet every patient’s needs and goals.

Say Goodbye to Loose Dentures and Enjoy the Stability of Implant-Supported Dentures

Traditional removable dentures can be a wonderful way to replace missing teeth, but sometimes they can become loose or slip out of place in unexpected moments. If you want to seize your everyday life without worry, implant-supported dentures in Butler can be a game-changer. Instead of using bulky adhesive creams, this reliable treatment method uses titanium screws in your jawbone to anchor your denture, giving you outstanding comfort and stability.

Admire Dental Butler is a great place to go for implant-supported dentures in Butler. Our team is highly trained in using advanced technology and techniques to perform procedures for implant-supported dentures. Book an appointment today and restore your amazing smile. You’ll be thrilled with the results!

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See How the Benefits of Implant-Supported Dentures Can Improve Your Life

Treat yourself to a newfound confidence in your smile with secure, stable implant dentures in Butler. Discover the benefits this incredible treatment offers:

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Provides Good Stability

Instead of resting on your gums, implant-supported dentures are anchored directly to the jawbone.

Unlike conventional dentures that can often slip and slide around, implant-supported dentures give you back the same stability as natural teeth. Plus, you can enjoy your favourite foods and speak clearly with confidence, as your artificial teeth will stay in place.

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Prevents Bone Loss

Replacing missing teeth with implant-supported dentures in Butler can help keep your jaw bone healthy and strong.

Over time, missing a full arch of teeth can cause bone degeneration. Dental implants serve as artificial roots for the missing teeth. They help stimulate the jawbone to keep its density. In addition, implant-supported dentures help your jawbone remain healthy and prevent your facial structure from sagging.

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Provides greater comfort

Implant dentures in Butler can make a difference in your everyday comfort.

Since dentures are held in place by implants, you don’t have to worry about denture movement that slips or rubs against your gums, as regular complete dentures do. This means you will experience less soreness and discomfort.

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Boosts Your Quality of Life

Denture with implants can help you get a new lease on life after tooth loss.

With this popular dental treatment, you get a healthier smile and can easily eat different kinds of food. Also, you’ll be able to speak clearly, increasing your self-confidence and comfort. As a result, you can improve your quality of life with fewer appointments for denture adjustment.

Why Choose Admire Dental Butler

Admire Dental Butler is committed to providing clients with extraordinary dental experiences. We are your trusted dental provider for implant-supported dentures.

We know the importance of a strong and beautiful smile.

We take pride in crafting confident smiles that you can be proud of. Our dedicated team strives to give exemplary results to help you achieve your dream smile.

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Our Payment Options

We offer flexible payment plans to make our services accessible.

Get the Care You Need With Our Multiple Payment Options

At Admire Dental, we’re here to help you stay healthy. We accept private health funds and provide HICAPS facilities for convenience. Our clinic is proud to be a preferred provider of HBF, HCF, NIB, and CBHS. Additionally, we make it easy for families, especially your child, to access our services. With the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) program, it’s easier than ever before to get the care your child needs.

Admire Dental also offers humm and Afterpay payment plans to help our valued patients manage their budgets. We recommend that you call our clinic to learn more about our payment options so we can help you find one that is suitable for your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions
About Implant-Supported Dentures

For your convenience, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions about implant-supported dentures.

Denture with implants in Butler is made from durable, long-lasting materials. But you should remember that how well you take care of it will determine how long it lasts.

When dental implants are properly cared for and maintained, they can last for 20-30 years. Meanwhile, the dentures that sit on top of dental implants will need replacement sooner, after 7-10 years, due to normal wear and tear.

Generally, implant-supported dentures can range from $15,000 to $30,000. However, it is important to remember that there are many factors that can affect the total cost. These factors include the number of teeth that need replacement, the material used for the restoration, whether you require any preliminary dental procedures, and the location of the dental clinic you choose.

We aim to offer a personalised treatment plan tailored to each patient’s unique needs and financial situation. Schedule an initial consultation with the experienced dentists at Admire Dental Butler. We can provide you with  an accurate assessment and discuss payment plans that might be suitable for you.

Implant-supported dentures can give you the freedom to enjoy all your favourite meals with confidence once the implant site is completely healed.

However, if you’re still in the recovery process, it is better to stick with softer foods. Bread, pasta, mashed potatoes, fruits, and vegetables are all good options. It is recommended to avoid any foods that are hard or chewy, as they can put a lot of pressure on your jaw and could make it harder for you to heal properly.

Denture with implants in Butler is becoming more popular since it offers an even more secure fit than conventional dentures. But, like any other range of treatment options, implant-supported dentures also have their share of disadvantages. These include:

  • It requires a surgical procedure.

Implant-supported dentures require the surgical insertion of implants. Depending on an individual case, this can mean a longer recovery than conventional dentures. It may not be an option for people with chronic conditions like diabetes who cannot undergo surgery safely.

  • It is a more costly option than the traditional method.

Implant-supported dentures require extra work by an experienced dentist and additional materials. Depending on how many individual implants are needed, the cost can add up, so it’s important to consider this as you decide if implant-supported dentures are right for you and your budget.

While there are some downsides, the advantages of investing in implant-supported dentures far outweigh any cons.

Implant-supported dentures are a great alternative to traditional removable dentures. They are fixed and cannot be removed. They use a series of dental implants for significantly greater stability and security.

With this type of treatment, you can go about your daily oral care routine carefree, knowing that your attractive smile is securely in place—no more worrying about continually putting dental appliances in or taking them out for cleaning.

Well, it might be possible for food to slip underneath the denture implants, but that doesn’t mean you should worry too much about it.

As long as you are gentle with your mouth and take preventative measures like brushing, flossing, and visiting your friendly dentist regularly for professional cleanings, you should be able to keep food from getting stuck.

It is important to note that each health fund provider has its own set of rules and policies. Generally speaking, most health fund providers don’t cover the cost of implant-supported treatment, although some offer partial reimbursement. 

To get more information, we recommend that you get in touch with us before beginning the treatment to be financially prepared.