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Let Our Emergency Dentists Help You With Chipped Tooth

A chipped tooth is a type of dental injury that exposes the inner layer of a tooth and requires immediate care. Admire Dental Butler offers emergency dentistry to address such a problem.

Don't Let a Chipped Tooth Spoil Your Beautiful Smile

A chipped tooth may be considered a dental emergency if the person endures severe discomfort. The cracks or jagged edges can make it easy for debris and bacteria to penetrate the inner structure of the tooth, which can be painful. Moreover, the disfiguring enamel surface of a chipped tooth can also trigger sensitivity. Seeing an emergency dentist as soon as possible can lower such risks.

Admire Dental Butler has emergency dentists ready to address a chipped or cracked tooth. They can assess the extent of the damage and provide the necessary treatment to restore the tooth. Contact our dental clinic today to bring back your beautiful smile!

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Why You Shouldn't Ignore That Chipped Tooth: The Benefits of Managing a Chipped Tooth

A chipped tooth is more vulnerable to cavities and infection. Hence, immediate treatment is necessary to prevent adverse effects on oral health.

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Protects the soft tissues in the mouth

Addressing a chipped tooth can protect the soft tissues in your mouth from damage and irritation.

The sharp edges of the broken tooth have the potential to cause a sore in the tongue and other soft tissues in the mouth and cause them to bleed. Restoring a chipped tooth can prevent such discomfort and uneasiness when talking, eating, and drinking.

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Prevent further damage

Addressing a chipped tooth as soon as possible is crucial for preventing further breakage and damage.

Cracks and chips may seem small at first but can worsen to an extent where the damage may become irreversible. In severe cases, it can lead to loosening and eventually losing the tooth if left ignored.


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Alleviate teeth sensitivity

Receiving treatment for a chipped tooth can restore the damage that makes the tooth sensitive.

Such painful sensations usually occur when the inner layer of the tooth, which contains nerves and blood vessels, becomes exposed. Restoring a cracked tooth in a timely manner can alleviate this sensitivity and make eating and drinking much more comfortable again.


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Lower the risk of oral infection

Prompt care for a chipped tooth is important to keep a smile healthy and away from infection.

Bacteria can easily penetrate the tooth and reach the root canal. This can lead to the death of the pulp, which can trigger infection. But a visit to the dentist for tooth restoration can lower the risk of oral infection and save your oral health.


Why Choose Admire Dental Butler

Admire Dental Butler offers long-lasting dental restorations for chipped teeth performed by experienced dentists.

Experience excellence in chipped tooth management.

A visit to Admire Dental Butler means experiencing exceptional dental care. Our commitment to excellence helps us earn a good reputation for providing treatment for a chipped tooth and other dental emergencies.

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Our Payment Options

We offer flexible payment plans to make our services accessible.

Get the Care You Need With Our Multiple Payment Options

At Admire Dental, we’re here to help you stay healthy. We accept private health funds and provide HICAPS facilities for convenience. Our clinic is proud to be a preferred provider of HBF, HCF, NIB, and CBHS. Additionally, we make it easy for families, especially your child, to access our services. With the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) program, it’s easier than ever before to get the care your child needs.

Admire Dental also offers humm and Afterpay payment plans to help our valued patients manage their budgets. We recommend that you call our clinic to learn more about our payment options so we can help you find one that is suitable for your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions
About Chipped Tooth

Get to know more about a chipped tooth by reading the information we provided below:

Here are the things you can do for your chipped tooth until you see a dentist:

  • Warm saltwater.
    Make a mixture of warm water and salt, then rinse it in your mouth. Salt has natural ingredients that are good for relieving discomfort and reducing bacteria.

  • Cold compress.
    If your chipped tooth causes bleeding, try to apply an ice pack in the area to reduce swelling and discomfort.

  • Store the pieces of tooth.
    Broken pieces of the tooth should be kept in a clean tub or wet gauze, then bring them with you to the dentist.

If the minor chip is not at the front of your mouth, you may not even know that you have one. You may look for the following symptoms to determine whether you have cracks in your teeth:

  • When your tongue runs over your teeth and feels a jagged surface
  • There’s irritation of the gums around the chipped tooth.
  • Tongue irritation can result from running it over the tooth’s rough edges.
  • Painful chewing
  • Increased teeth sensitivity
  • Bleeding in the susceptible affected tooth

The dentist at Admire Dental Butler will examine your chipped tooth to decide which restorative option will work for you. Depending on the extent of damage, they may recommend the following dental treatments:

  • Dental crown.
    A dental crown is a tooth-shaped “cap” that can match the natural tooth colour and is designed to cover the entire tooth. The dentist may suggest this treatment if the damage is too severe to cover with fillings.

  • Dental veneer.
    It is a wafer-thin shell that the dentist can bond to the enamel surface of the chipped tooth. This option may be suitable if the breakage is minor to moderate.

  • Dental fillings.
    If you have slight chipping in the tooth, the dentist may use dental fillings to protect it from further damage. It is a material made to fit the exact shape of the small chips in your tooth, forming a protective coating that is dried and hardened.

Unfortunately, the missing portions do not grow back on their own when it comes to chipped teeth. Instead, a dentist must be consulted to restore its beauty and function.